02 September 2016

Free For All Friday No. 407 by Anita

Due to some health issues (thankfully not serious, just annoyingly persistent), I'm not doing very much currently apart from my work. It is a bit strange as I'd normally also be studying something, doing lots of fitness training and/or working on some projects in my Filofax. At the beginning of this recovery time, my Kensington was feeling a little neglected, but I'm finding that it's become an essential tool in helping me preserve my sanity until I'm back to 100%. It means that when I have more energy, it will be much easier for me to just get started again and means that I'm resting more fully as things are off my mind.

Do you find that when you ill, or have had quite a change in your normal routine, that you still use your Filofax as much?

But as it is a Friday you are of course more than welcome to discuss anything related to ring bound organisers. Have a great weekend.


  1. Here's a little something which has been puzzling me. All you folks who have many, many binders, and obviously swap between styles as and when you fancy a change, surely you must stick to one size only otherwise you would have duplicate sets of information with all the inherent dangers of missing something? I know Steve has all sizes which he uses, depending on what he's doing, e:g travel, radio etc., but he must have one preferred size for everyday use? I hope you can understand what I'm getting at.

    1. Yes I have at least one organiser in every size but purely from a blogging point of view. The different sizes and formats of organiser have their own attractions and advantages and disadvantages and thinking about it, it would be a good topic for a blog post!

      But yes I think most people settle on one size so the swapping of one organiser to another is a fairly simple and straight forward thing to do and it doesn't take much time either.

      I know a few people like to swap organisers as the seasons change. Some swap as their activities change, they go for an organiser with bigger rings in the same size to cope with a new project or similar idea. Or downsize ring size for a trip, carrying all that paper eats in to your luggage allowance.

    2. I do change between a6 and a5, depending on weather I need more space for specific phases of my work, but I am just not too fussy about my inserts. I punch a5 at the top and fold them in to transfer them into my a6 and I just add one punch hole to my a6 inserts to make them transferable to the a5 binder, if needed.

    3. Because it is not facile for me to create a smaller version of my weekly format with the same number of lines I do not use different binders. I construct dividers and other accessories from common materials instead of purchasing them. It is an interesting discussion because people often explain their ways or purchases to justify them. I have explained reasons for drawing my unique weekly layout on lined sheets but those reasons are unnecessary.

  2. I hope you get well soon Anita, get fit and get back to your full energy levels soon.

    Fortunately I'm not ill very often these days thank goodness. But I still use my Filofax to remember things, then I sleep better knowing I don't need to remember something.

  3. Hope you'll be better soon Anita! I almost use my planner a little more when I am less busy, or rather, I use them to plan things that I would otherwise not mention in my planner. In busy phases, I organise my work and just some events and times for work out in my planner, but during less busy times, I think about small projects around the house or lay out plans for the garden for the coming season or take notes on books I am reading...