03 March 2017

Free For All Friday No. 433 by Steve

What is the origin of when the week should start? I know that Sunday and Monday are two common conventions, but I was recently asked to find out what the problems were in a diary insert someone had created from one of ours that was Saturday start....

However it is Friday so please feel free to discuss anything organiser related


  1. Well in my opinion it's all to do with what job you do and/or where you live. When I left school I worked 9-5 Monday to Friday for Barclays Bank, with Saturday and Sunday as the weekend off tagged on at the end, and this was reflected in all English diaries. Then, when I worked for the Home Office, my working week started on Sunday and finished on Saturday.

  2. This is a topic I've seen go round and round in planner groups on Facebook. Many people in the US like their planner pages to start with Sunday, especially monthly pages, because that is what they are used to. Historically the reason for a Sunday start week is due to Christianity. Most European countries I've seen prefer Monday start weeks (despite also being Christian) so I don't understand why it's different in the US. (To clarify, I am American!)

    Other countries with different religions start their week on different days. For example when I worked in Nepal I discovered the Hindu week starts on Sunday with Saturday as the only day off.

    So long story short: it depends on where you live.

  3. I prefer my monthly format on grid sheets I conceived and designed for many reasons. There are explicit sections or categories and the first day of the month varies in terms of the day of the week. The first day of March 2017 is Wednesday on my layout. Had I envisioned this layout long ago I would have used it for several years. I cannot state the same view for my weekly formats. I will probably draw and shade monthly tabs on the pages of the notebook. v