29 March 2017

Tell us about...... 1

I have bought several organisers via Adspot here on Philofaxy that were very sensibly or reasonably priced that turned out to be absolutely like new.

It's always great to be surprised when you open a package and the item is even better than you thought it would be.

Sometimes they are models I've never seen before, sometimes only pictures of them in the catalogues.

So what is the cheapest organiser you have ever bought? But it was one that was not a disappointment, in fact you were pleasantly surprised by it?

Answers please in the comments.


  1. 10 cents at a thrift shop - a Winchester I believe! And in reasonably good condition, too. I bet the shop didn't know they had a gem there...

  2. Two compact brown Regency FF, from the local charity shop for £2 the pair. They were in perfect condition as well!

    1. That's a very lucky find, given their top range original price. By the way, I have two black compact Regency FFs, but would love to swap one for the brown colour. Any interest on your part for this?

    2. I am afraid I gave one away to a dear friend and that I love the brown colour so would want to keep the other. Hope you manage to track one down though! After buying too many lovely black FF of different models and never using them, I have had to admit to myself that I need a little colour in my Filofaxes...

    3. Thank you for your kind reply. That's a pity but I fully understand your point. Similar story here. I also went for a few black models as the classic and professional option before I developed my seasonal rotating colour scheme. For the dull Winter month, I use a raspberry compact FF followed by my Spring&Summer Blue one. For late Summer and Autumn I'd like a light brown option. That I already have in personal size, but since I developed my preference for compact organisers, this is not my first choice.

  3. I would have to say, overwhelmingly, that it would be my Filofax black personal size (real) Ostrich planner. This planner (now no longer sold) retailed new for $700 as marked on its box.
    I won this brand new beauty on eBay; the planner was being auctioned with the bid starting at $100. The item was being sold by a young man who had been asked by his boss to get rid of it "for as much as you can get." Obviously, as s true with so many other eBay sellers, they had no idea what they had, nor its value. At the end of the seven day auction -- there were only 2 bids--my own and one other; both final bid numbers were considerably lower than $700.
    The planner was mine for under $200.
    A few years later, I needed to sell a number of my nicest planners to fund unexpected medical bills; it broke my heart to sell this one. But sell I did.
    But my luck was still there-coincidentally I happened to see an advert in the Vintage FB group for the exact same planner!

    I had her back a few days later; the ostrich leather so soft and pliable - the planner was as it left me, still in pristine condition.
    She's here to stay. ;-)