31 March 2017

Free for All Friday No. 437 by Nan

Recently, I consolidated all my credit and rewards cards from two Slimline Filofax organizers--one main wallet and one backup for lesser-used cards--into one Personal. Actually, I had pictured fitting them all into one Compact, but I guess to Slimlines add up to one stuffed Personal. I was hoping to eliminate the problem of not having the right wallet with me when I needed it.

Well, it's turned into a failed experiment. The Personal isn't as convenient for carrying my pen and cash. Worse, it no longer fits into the wallet pockets of my various bags.

What was your biggest Filofax fail?

(Of course, since it's Friday, your other failures are welcome as well.) 


  1. Hi, those cards sure are pesky. Some of the merchants can use your phone number for your account and even though I've broken up with my smartphone lately, the apps that consolidate all those cards definitely can help with card-overload.

    My biggest Filofax fail was a few years ago when I tried putting personal and work in the same planner. The system worked fine since I've been using the same planning style for work and personal for-like-ever, but I couldn't tolerate the blended info! While both are essential to me, my personal planner is fun and enjoyable; my work planner is focused and dependable. :)

    Heather at vanilla folders

  2. Completely agree with Heather at vanilla folders about the work/personal combination. One life would intrude into the other. Chaos.
    My next biggest fail would be trying to write things all in one color. Even just using a highlighter to mark the completed items, really helps me. I need the visual cues to really jump out.

  3. I will not design many months of a format because I used one insert for only a few weeks in the past. I draw my monthly layout on grid sheets of a bound notebook. I use a pencil and can remove a few pages if necessary. On the computer one is more likely to edit, reprint certain pages and discard the undesirable ones.

    First I drew my monthly format on the grid sheets of a bound notebook for my large cover with pockets. Then I wanted to use my smaller cover with pockets but the notebook is too wide for it. I did not trim the sheets because the notebook is too thick for this cover. I purchased a small notebook and cut the seventy pages. I can place it in the tall pocket of both covers.

    There is no pen loop on the petite cover with pockets. I could buy an adhesive one for the notebook but I chose another option. On another bound notebook is a pen loop. I trimmed the paper with the loop and placed the small piece in the vertical slot of the cover.