07 March 2017

Free For All Tuesday - No. 318

So what questions or discussion points have you got for us today?

It is Tuesday after all so fire away.


  1. Is it better to work late and get everything on your to do list finished before you go home, gain a sense of accomplishment but risk mistakes, or start early the next day and get the things done quicker and to a higher standard when you are fresh and thinking straight? If you work late do you still plan the next day in your Filofax, or wait until the morning?

    1. What has not achieved by dinner time, needs to be moved to the next day. Best to schedule the next day's tasks the evening before, so that your direction is clear laid out when you start your new day. I keep these rules at heart and follow them by 80/20 chance. Exceptions are made on special occasions and when the day turns out to be a late night one.

    2. If you have to redo your work the next day then you undid your accomplishment. I would move the work I can't get done to the next day when I'm refreshed and able to think better. I agree with Feld Effekt you should move your to do's to the next day after your through for the evening.