15 December 2017

Free For All Friday No. 474

I have recently been experimenting with a Leuchtturm1917 bound monthly planner and notebook as a planner. I can very easily carry it around or use at my desk.

You can see a video of the planner here.

Using a totally different layout and format has reinforced my thoughts on why I use the layout and type of organiser that I do.  I don’t dislike the Leuchtturm1917 planner, I just don’t find it caters for my exact needs, and without the flexibility of rings you can't change the contents.

Do you ever try other formats/layouts and then come back to the one you have been using for some time?

However it is Friday so do feel free to discuss anything else organiser related. Have a great weekend.


  1. I have a question for those who have multiple planners in various sizes. How do you deal with inserts that come with the planner that you don't want to use, mainly because you buy/print/make your own? I hate hoarding stuff as much as I hate wasting paper. I am asking about diary inserts because they expire. I have seen people repurpose them by writing the new date over the previous one. So how do you deal with this issue?

  2. I have a large stash of such leaves - some over 25 years old! With diary pages, I cut them down - say from Personal to Pocket - trimming off the dates themselves and leaving blank sheets that can be repunched and used for note taking.

  3. Spend two years testing out different layouts and binding formats. I need to rings for the flexibility and customization. I know you can do that in a TN, but I don't want an entire notebook for something that may only need a couple pages.

  4. hi - how do I post a new question since I am new to the blog and filofax? Thx!

    1. Welcome to Philofaxy and the world of Filofax
      Just post a new comment and people will reply to your comment so they are threaded.

  5. As much as I adore the look of bound notebooks and planners, I need, need, NEED rings. Everytime I wander over to the 'other side' my comfort zone pulls me back. I just don't fight it anymore. If you'e always used bound, or feel the pull to try it and really enjoy it, then it'll work. But from what I see in the planner community on social media, there's more of an excitement to have the latest or newest or drooling over photos of how others are using it successfully and trying in vain to copy that success (raising hand here!!) I realized that if I force something not meant to be, I will fail so I stay with what's comfortable and consistent - my pocket Filofax which I'm successfully beginning year 3 with :)

  6. My inserts I designed are in my notebook with removable sheets and I placed the notebook in the tall pocket of a cover without rings or strings. I relied on the notebook in the cover for many months. However I did not prefer the dated look and limited capacity of the cover. I could not place all of my items in the cover. I could see a portion of a small envelope after I placed it in the secretarial pocket of the cover. I sent it in the mail first to avoid misplacing the envelope at some location. Thus, I supplanted the cover with a wallet.

    There is a tall and wide pocket of the wallet for currency, large receipts or an A5 sheet I fold once. I place currency in envelopes for some payments in this compartment. The hidden cash and envelopes in this spacious pocket and my notebook in another pocket of the wallet are essential for various transactions. Everything is neat and tidy in the wallet.

    I conceived and designed numerous layouts for a long time. I have not purchased a dated insert in many years. My enthusiasm for the wallet stems from the complete function and updated, fresh design and all the necessary pieces in it.