21 December 2017

Tell us about...... 19

With less than 2 weeks to go to the end of the year.

'Are you thinking of changing how you use your organiser in anyway compared to the last year?'

The same as this year or different?

Tell us in the comments below.


  1. After designing inserts by hand for a few years I decided to create my month on two grid pages layout in Word 2016. I was surprised at the ease of the task but the updated program and one's familiarity of the commands probably facilitate the process. One reason for this change is the wasted sheets of grid paper as I wrote mistakes and alterations of the format. I can delete mistakes and information on the computer without waste. I would rather not purchase more paper with grids because some small sheets are available only online. I do not want to rewrite the months and other information every year. On the computer I can copy the format and change only the numbers of the days.

    Unlike last year I rely on notebooks with removable sheets in addition to large binders. I placed my small notebook in my wallet. In previous years I used a binder or cover and a wallet. Consolidating components in one product is more effective at this time.

  2. One of the things I like best about a Filofax system is the continuity it provides. For me, the end of year will just be a matter of swapping in the 2018 diary, along with new holiday planner and exercise tracker sheets, and it will be business as usual.

  3. In 2017, I kept switching sizes from FC Classic (Wo1P, Half Letter) and Recollections (4” x 6.75”, still fits nicely in a Personal) both Wo1P and Wo2P. Currently in Wo1P Classic size and enjoying that I see my task list in 1 vertical view. For 2018, I've decided to put my a5 FF Nude Original to use and made a deal with myself…IF I can stay with that size for 6 months, I’ll treat myself to a new binder.

  4. I am moving into a Personal Size Filofax in 2018, it will be arriving this weekend. In 2017 I was using an A5, which meant it always had to stay at home so I ended up only using for future planning. This move into the Personal size will make it much more portable.

    My favorite thing about the Filofax system is the ability to easily add, remove and reorganize pages/sections as my needs grow and change throughout the year.

  5. I'm staying with my new Heritage Compact A5 and trusty Stratford A5 for backup in 2018.

    At the end of every month, I update goals and groom my Filofax.

    My process is to have my Filofax continually roll over -- at the start of a month, I archive the oldest month's pages in the Stratford, and insert another new month in the Heritage. I keep the past month plus current quarter of a Week on 2 Pages diary plus the last week, current week, and next two weeks of Business Page on a Day diary pages. The end of a calendar year isn't such a big chore this way.

    At the end of December, I do update my one-page list of important dates for the year to come, and replace the Vertical Year Planner with a new one.

    This works well for me, and saves carrying around old diary pages that become of less use as they age. However, with an archive binder, they're always available at my desk to refer to if needed.

    Season' Greetings, Philofaxy! All the best, Greg.