01 December 2017

Free For All Friday No 472 by Laurie

We made it to December!

What has been your biggest planner triumph this year? Maybe you figured out which binder size or page layout works best for you. Maybe you finally found the binder you've been searching for. Or maybe your planner helped you out in an important situation, or helped you plan a big event. What's your biggest planner accomplishment this year?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss and/ or ask anything ring-binder related!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I made the planner I'd talked about 2 years previous in a Perfect Planner Tag video. And I should have listened to myself years ago. It's been an expensive journey back to this point. But I'm happy with what I'm using.

  2. I stick to the insight of last year (one compact FF as my EDC, with monthly overview [in english from Filofax] and horizontal week view from Chronoplan [in german] plus important notes and a few plain sheets, money, ID, e-cards, tube map of Berlin, little mirror, refreshment tissue, tooth pics. Ready to go :-) in addition serves a Herlitz hardcover notebook near A5, with monthly overview, monthly tasks, dates, financial overview, chores tracker, weekly food log, daily logs. That way I have the space to plan my day in detail, copy the essential on the go stuff into my EDC and for when I am out and about, I am free to go as light weight as possible and if need be, I take an additional A4 document map, and or one thin A5 zip organiser from Succes. I call this the IKEA organzing model ;-) modular and flexible with little to no need of exchanging the main components. After all my planning tests I figured out that one planner for all simply doesn't work for me and since I am one rather small female with delicate body structure, there is no way to carrying around a huge and heavy planning equipment.

  3. MEN!!!!!! Do you have an A5 EDC? If so how do you carry it? I really want to move up permanently to A5 but the carry is the problem.

    1. Small messenger bag, mine is a camera bag but minus the dividers it works fine. What else do you need to carry?