27 December 2017

Future Podcast Topics?

We have been steadily producing podcasts this last couple of years.

Karine and I have recently upgraded our recording set ups, it has taken us a couple of recordings to adjust to the new microphones, but I think we have got it just about right now.

With more than sixty episodes to listen to there are plenty of topics that I hope you will enjoy.

As always we are interested to hear what you would like to hear us discuss.  Even if you would like us to revisit a topic and may be cover it from a slightly different angle we would be more than happy to do that. 

None of our recordings are scripted as such, we have a rough idea of some of the things we want to include but generally they are done straight 'off the cuff', it is a very relaxed style and I hope you enjoy listening to each episode. 

If you haven't discovered the Podcast yet, you can listen on line to each one using a variety of methods: 
So what topics would you like us to discuss in the coming weeks? Please leave a comment down below or email steve at philofaxy dot com. 


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  2. I suggested to Karine already, but I'd like to see a segment on DIY planners. A la bullet journal, and those of us who have literally cut binders up so we can have exactly what we want.