04 January 2018

Philofaxy Bath Meet-Up - March 2018

I am planning a visit to Bath in March 2018,  the same weekend as the London Meet Up.

This event is open to everyone, there are no qualifying requirements... if you enjoy good company and you like organisers of any brand then you will be very welcome and you will be amongst friends.

Bath - Sunday 18th March 2018

So this is a 'calling notice' for people who would like to attend the Philofaxy Meet Up in Bath

Please read all of the post before you apply for a place on the meet up.

When and Where 

We will meet initially at 12 noon at Pizza Express, 8 Southgate Place, Southgate Centre, Bath BA1 1AP.

After lunch we will visit Woods The Stationers, 12 Old Bond St, Bath BA1 1BR. And if there is time we will pop in to Waterstones for a coffee.

During the meal there will be plenty of time for chatting and sharing Filofax organisers...

To discover details about the food at Pizza Express please look on their website.

Our meet up will finish at about 5:00pm, but people will be free to leave at any point to fit in with their travel arrangements.

How to book a place on the meet up

To get a place on the meet up you need to email: steve[at]philofaxy[dot]com and mark your email 'March 2018 Bath Meetup', you can book a place straight away.

As places are allocated you will receive an email back again confirming your place on the meet up.

Please do not book travel tickets etc until you have a confirmed place. I will attempt to confirm places within 2-3 hours of receiving your email.

Additional Information

Once we have our full list of people, we will exchange email addresses and link everyone up who will be attending.

Your safety on the day and your enjoyment on the day is of paramount importance to me, so don't be afraid to ask any questions by email, I want everyone who attends to get the most from the day.

Thank you... any questions?

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