17 January 2018

Filofax at 100 Years

Filofax will be celebrating 100 years in 2021.

For the 75th anniversary they produced a very special duplex organiser in a presentation case it was called the 'Grace Scurr' edition.

Our dear friend Janet has a great post about this limited edition which they made 1921 examples of in 1996.

This photograph is as close as I have got to seeing one for real! This was at our evening visit to the Filofax offices in Burgess Hill back in September 2013.

For the 85th anniversary they produced a limited edition of the Filofax Eton organiser and a matching wallet. Once again Janet has a great post on this limited edition too. They produced 200 of this model.

I was wondering what will the 100th year Filofax be called? I came up with a couple of ideas

  • The Century Edition
  • The Centennial Edition

And what will it look like?

We have had 'The Original' and 'The Heritage' both of these are still in volume production of course.

Personally I think they will struggle to match the quality of the 75th Grace Scurr which was 'Made in England' at Ilford I presume, which was still in operation until August 2000.

I can think of at least two makers of high quality leather organisers in Europe.... but I really don't think Filofax would sub-contract to either of those, but I would love to be proved wrong!

So your thoughts on celebrating the 100th birthday of Filofax?

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  1. Yes it will be interesting to see what happens to mark the occasion. In terms of special editions I agree they would struggle to better the concept behind the Grace Scurr duplex edition. I've not seen one in the flesh but it was certainly beautifully presented. I have some reservations about the quality of construction of that binder though. Even from photos I could see that the edges and corners were not as tidy as I would have expected. Perhaps I was seeing a bad example, but a limited edition like that shouldn't have any really.