18 January 2018

Tell us about...... 20

It is about 3 years since we first started posting about A6 organisers and inserts. A lot has happened in that 3 years.

So I've set myself a task to research and update my original A6 in summary post from 2 years ago, and republish it soon.

There are some dead links and some information that needs updating in that post.

Whilst I no longer use an A6 as a planner, I'm in A5 fairly exclusively now. I do use A6 for notes and things. The A6 size is very compact and easy to carry around.

So I'm interested to know:
  • How many of you have moved over to using the A6 size? 
  • How many of you have tried it? 
  • What inserts do you think would be useful in A6 that aren't already available to purchase or download?

Tell us in the comments below.


  1. I have briefly moved into A6 size on two occasions:
    My Mulberry Agenda history and repairs by Anita
    Vintage Mulberry agenda: take two - by Anita

    I sold the first Mulberry agenda & still own the Nile one (for now). Whilst I love the A6 paper dimensions, all of my supplies & inserts are in personal, so I just can't justify wasting that & I feel that changing size won't be of that much benefit to me personally.

    Thanks, Steve, for a timely post as I've realised that owning an A6 is just a distraction that I don't need & I'm feeling very content in my red Winchester :)

    1. I’m so sorry that the A6 proved to be a distraction and unworkable for you. But I am happy that you were able to give it a try, and honored that you chose to join our group, “Using A6.” Please come back to say hi anytime—you’re always welcome!

  2. I’ve used A6 TNs for awhile now, but just learned of A6 rings which I was super excited abt because I love the size. My new VDS Touch Me arrived today and it’s fantastic!

  3. I moved over to VDS Touch me A6 three years ago and have never moved back. I prefer the A6 to the FF Personal.

  4. My group, Using A6, has grown to 1200 Members—and there are a number of posts that speak about how they love the size; several recently have said they have found true “Planner Peace” with their switch to the A6 size.
    It’s an extremely user-friendly size-being small enough to fit into a bag, yet larger than a pocket or mini size. The A6 is a size that can be used, quite fashionably, as an everyday carry.
    I have also expanded the group to now include the A6 sized Hobonichi Planner - and a number of these members have subsequently chosen to punch these A6 sized panniers in order to use an A6 ring binder.