14 January 2018

Local Stockists?

By now you will have no doubt gone through the cycle of buying new diary inserts and possibly other paper additions for your Filofax.

At one time the Filofax website used to have a detailed list of stockists, they listed them by county in UK and then you could get the details of the shops, their address, etc etc.

Whilst there is still a Stockist's page on Filofax UK it only shows John Lewis and Ryman.

So apart from ordering on-line where do you get your inserts from these days?


  1. My nearest stockist is in a wee town down the road - Adelaide, about 400 klms south-east of here. So, inserts for my VDS Touch-Me I buy on-line from the USA.

  2. Filofax is nowhere to be found near where I live. I order everything at Filofax.co.uk or Amazon.co.uk and let them deliver to the Netherlands.

  3. There is a stationers in Ilkley called "ilkley office" and they've been in existence for 30+ years at least. They have 2 filofax display units with both organisers and inserts in it, it's not as full as it used to be but it's still a reassuring sight. Whenever I have time I will call in to see if they have anything on offer.

    1. That’s a coincidence as it’s my local shop too! It’s actually Olicana Office (previously Olicana Stationers). Olicana is the Roman name for Ilkley (Yorkshire UK); they occupied and built a fort here a few hundred years go! Sadly, Olicana sells far less Filofax these days but the staff are very helpful and, as Ian suggests, worth a visit. Other stockists in Ilkley are WH Smith and Paperchase.

  4. Hello everybody,
    There are still some shops selling Filofax items in Luxembourg, but you can't find every type of inserts, so they have to be ordered. As I usually order (nearly) all my pen related items in the Netherlands, I let them ship my desired Filofax items home. Sometimes I order at amazon, too, when the articles are in stock.
    Kind regards.

  5. In Ottawa (Canada) there are two stockists, "The Papery" & "Paper Papier". Both carry binders, refills and accessories (Paper Papier also has a pretty good pen selection). So Ottawa is pretty well served by today's non-analogue standards.

  6. There used to be two very good FF stockists in Adelaide, David Jones and Borders, both in the main shopping precinct of Rundle Mall. Borders are gone and David Jones stocks very little FF these days.