17 September 2018

B6 size ring bound organisers.

We are all familiar with Personal size organisers with their page size of 171mm x 95mm, it doesn't really match any of the ISO page sizes. It is a size of its own that has existed for about 100 years, so it is a standard in its own right really.

Deskfax organisers use paper that is B5 in size (250mm x 176mm) The B series of page sizes are a geometric mean of the A series page sizes, so for example B5 is between A4 and A5 in size. The page proportions are the same 1:1.4142 or the 1:√2.

As A5 is twice the size of A6, so B5 is twice the size of B6. Therefore B6 size paper is 176mm by 125mm.

It is a similar height to Personal size, but 30mm wider. This photograph shows the difference between A5, B6, A6, Personal size and Pocket size.

The B6 size has become very popular in the Travellers Notebook community. There are many covers made for the B6 size inserts and booklets. A few people have taken their personal size ring bound organisers, removed the rings and they will then take B6 size inserts.

What about B6 size ring bound organisers? So far I've not come across any from any of the 'regular' suppliers, but I would love you to prove me wrong!

However, there is the Van der Spek Custom range. Standard (personal size) can be specified with 13mm, 25mm or 30mm rings. All of these sizes can optionally be 'widened' in 1mm steps up to 30mm as an optional extra. 30 mm is the difference between Personal (95mm width) and B6 (125mm width).

So there is at least one supplier, are there others, please let us know in the comments please.

What about inserts? Well you will find plenty of downloads being sold on ETSY for Travellers Notebooks, but given that B6 is an ISO size, then the Philofaxy Diary Inserts can easily be scaled to print on B6 size paper.

When using the our A4 size inserts to print they need to be scaled using the following scaling factors:

  • Printing on A5 paper you need to scale the print to 71%
  • Printing on B5 size (Deskfax) paper the scale factor is 84% 
  • Printing on B6 size paper the scale factor is 59%

Before closing this post I should also mention some other variations of Personal size that you will come across.
  • The original version of the six ring Deskfax - 171mm tall by 180mm wide.
  • Franklin Covey Compact - 171.5mm x 108mm (6.75 x 4.25 inches)
  • Personal 'Wide' - 171mm x 121mm (6.75 x 4.75 inches) 
  • HBxWA5 - 171mm x 148mm wide - Personal size high, by A5 width. 
The Personal Wide an 'invention' of some of the new ring bound organiser makers such as Foxy Fix and others, it is very close to B6 size, but not exactly B6.

Naturally you should observe the usual caution when buying organisers or inserts that are labelled as A6, B6 etc they are often regular Personal size and not A6 or B6 at all! 

Would you try out a B6 organiser if one was available at an affordable price?

I would like to thank the members of the Traveler's Notebook Forum group for their help in researching this post.


  1. As always, a very helpful post Steve. Page sizing can be a bit of a conundrum sometimes without the exact measurements to hand and printer scaling. As you say,it is wise to triple check any product sizing before purchasing anything too. Thanks Steve, I've always wondered about B6 sizing, and now I know the answers for which I was searching.

  2. I would love to try the b6 in rings. Have a b6 that I use it’s a regular tn. I love the size but really wish I had rings in it and pockets an everything the A6 offers.

  3. Steve, this post was wonderfully informative! B6 is my jam, even though my EDC is a half-sheet (kinda A5) size. If you'd like, I have videos showing how to make a B6 ring binder from a regular size 3-ring binder. Let me know!

  4. Extending the range, B7 size (88 x 125mm) would be pretty close to pocket. Wonder if B7 would work in a pocket binder?

  5. Very informative, Steve!

    If I hadn't gone back to A5 a while ago and invested in a custom A5 vdS binder with custom width, I might be tempted to try it....but for now, will stick with A5.

  6. Kiki K just released a B6 ring planner. Alas, it’s only available in nude.

  7. it's very informative. For your information, B6 ring binder diary is very common in South Korea. There are many diary inserts I’d like to recommend two most famous company products. Unfortunately, it is in Korean language but you can easily guess and find. 1st, Yang Ji Sa. http://www.yangjimall.com/product/sublist.asp?cate=12361
    2nd, Morning Glory. http://www.mgstore.co.kr/goods/goods_list.php?cateCd=041002
    The price is very cheap. It’s between less than US $1 and $2 (shipping not include).
    I hope this information is helpful.

  8. There are a few Traveler's Notebook makers who have the B6 rings. FoxyFix and Naya Paperie both make them.

    1. Foxy fix does not offer b6 rings at this time. I know because I have been stalking their website with hope that they will soon.

      Q: What sizes are your Foxy Rings available in?
      A: We currently offer three great sizes of Foxy Rings! We may offer other sizes sometime in the future.


      Holds 3.75x6.75" inserts
      Closed dimensions: 6"x7.75"
      30mm Silver Krause rings
      Personal wide

      Brand new size, unique to Foxy Fix
      Holds 4.75x6.75" inserts
      Closed dimensions: 7"x7.75"
      30mm Silver Krause rings

      Holds 5.8x8.3" inserts
      Closed dimensions: 8.5x9.5"
      35mm Silver Krause rings

  9. Not quite the scope of this post, but would a B6 notebook fit into the outer sleeve of an A6 mia cara?

    1. You will find that the cover of most B6 notebooks is taller than the slot size of the Mia Cara sleeve.

      I’ve just tried it with mine. The Muji B6 is the closest in size, but even that has an overall height of about 182mm which is too tall for the A6 MC

      It would work with a Medium MC being closer in size to B6, B6 just being wider but about the same height

  10. Also, Aura Estelle offers B6 rings/ hybrid planners (:

    1. I just browsed on their webpage, the B6 hybrid looks interesting. I`m just wondering how you write in an insert with the rings nearby? Would you take out the insert for writing?

  11. thank you for this post, I was just in search for a B6 ringbound notebook and couldn`t find one... no wonder if they are not existing ;-)
    I took a look at the Van der Spek but these are very wide and the Foxy Fix one is too slim and not high enough...