08 October 2018

London Meet Up - September 2018

I had lost count of the number of meet ups that we have hosted in London since the first on in November 2010.

I went back through my photo album archive and the most recent one last weekend was the 18th meet up in London. Although I think I've been to as many again in other cities in Europe and the USA/Canada.

Each one is special in its own way. You would think with eighteen of them in London, they would be the same, but I don't find that. They are different because there are different people there each time, the different mix of people brings together a new flavour to the recipe!

This was the most recent one last weekend. I found it very enjoyable chatting and sharing thoughts and ideas with the people in attendance, lots of laughter too!

As you will see from the photos below, people had brought along quite a variety of planners and organisers to the meet up.

The meet ups generally finish at about 5-6pm, well we were still in the restaurant at 5pm, so this one went on a bit longer than most. We did venture out eventually to look around John Lewis and a few other stores before finishing off at the Kiki K store in Covent Garden before that closed at 8pm. We eventually said our good byes around about then!

Thank you to everyone who came along to the meet up, it was a brilliant long weekend for me in London.

L-R Ian, Jenny, Maud, Ana, Claudie, Elaine, Steve, Emma

Max, Karina, Julian and Claudie

Amy explaining her set up to Maud

Ian looks on bemused as Emma hugs her planner!

Jenny and Ana in Kiki K

Jenny and Ana in Kiki K
Thank you to everyone who came to this meet up and all the previous ones... I'm looking forward to the next one in 2019!

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  1. It was a fab meet up! I would say "I don't usually cuddle my planners", but that would be a lie!