05 October 2018

Free for All Friday No. 516 by Nan

Here in the U.S., a potential Supreme Court judge presented his calendars as evidence that he was not at a particular party on a particular day. He explained that his father saved all his calendars so he could refer to them as he told stories to his grandchildren. Do you save your calendars for this reason?


  1. yes for same reason as judge to know where i was and when if i need to know something important- i also love to look back at my history to see how i have moved forward in life.

  2. Sadly yes.

    I had to counter a claim that I had not been in contact with my late mother for several years.

    My planner and my journal saved the day. I could track down dates on which I had called her, visited her and together with utility bills and photographs of us together prove beyond all doubt that the claim was completely wrong.

    However, I do enjoy recording the details of my day to look back on. The cryptic notes in my Filofax pages from 1987 make amusing reading now!

  3. I'm debating on what to keep. Even though I have an easy storage option, I just don't see the point. I'm sorry, Steve, that you had to prove your visits to your mom. That's awful.

    1. Oh no need Cori, we came through with flying colours, we batted that one out of the ground on the volley!

      I was annoyed at the time as you can imagine... but smug when we could prove it beyond any doubt and quite quickly too!

  4. If there's one reason for having a paper journal or diary, it's for looking back on where/what/when for things that come up when you least expect it. I've found that out at work several times and thanked myself for having a filofax to back me up when memory let me down.

  5. Yes, I keep everything. Proof and grown children love reading through to see what they did, presents they received, activities they were in—great memories. My husband also asks me to look back for weather and various other things.