11 October 2018

Filofax 1984 Price List

Today we go back to 1984 to view the price list for the 1984 catalogue.

Many thanks to Max for sharing this.

And there are higher resolution versions of all the pages here.

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  1. Ah! Those halcyon days - just before demand suddenly took off - when Filofax was still a relatively unknown brand of Norman and Hill Ltd, as it had been since 1921. On the cover of the catalogue, a British passport is shown bearing the name “Norman Hill”.

  2. OH if only prices were that low still!

    1. To be fair, even then, Filofax believed they were too expensive for many and they needed to cut costs and prices to stimulate demand. That’s why they closed their UK binder manufacture, had everything made in China and drastically reduced the range of leaves. A £40 Winchester plus inserts would in today’s money cost around £155. It’s not a direct comparison because current binders are inferior in quality, but an equivalent Malden retails at £89.

      Whether their business plan in the late 80s and 90s was the right one, could be debated all day in management schools, or all night over a beer!

  3. I was living in London in 1984 and recall how trendy it was to have a Filofax.