19 October 2018

Free For All Friday No 518 by Laurie

The planner inserts I'm using right now run on the academic year and end in June next year. This makes me twitchy; I'd like to be able to plan through the end of the summer at least. Yes I have monthly view calendar pages, but they don't really give me the level of granularity I want.

I considered my options. The insert I'm currently using won't be available until January for July-start pages. I could buy 2019 inserts, but then I'd waste both money and paper for the first half of the year I already have.

Lightbulb moment: Steve already has diary insert pages for all of 2019 AND ALL of 2020 on the free printables page! So I can plan all the way through the next school year and to the end of that year if I want. This changes everything and completely removes my planner anxiety. Thank you Steve!!

Have you had any lightbulb moments with your planner lately?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring-binder organizer related!


  1. I am happy to have purchased and received the identical inserts for 2019 that I have used since 2018. Since I can't order via Amazon anymore, my light bulb was finding the same items on ebay. And I was happy to find them there, especially the FF M2P personal insert, which is not sold in Germany.

  2. Both my Personal and Pocket monthly diary inserts have been discontinued by Filofax for 2019. Unfortunately there is no Philofaxy equivalent for either. Time for a new light bulb!

    1. What do they look like? I'm sure we can come up with something 'similar'

    2. That’s very kind Steve but you can’t be making custom diary pages. If there was still demand Filofax would still make them! I’ll send you a private message with images though!

  3. I am interested in what I think Steve said recently about showing us how to make our own. I have my templates done but I need to learn how to make my source document.