19 November 2018

Filofax Catalogues and Flickr

Last week I received an email from Flickr about changes to their free accounts, you can read it in full here if you didn't receive a copy yourself. 

Blogger which is the platform that Philofaxy sits on limits the maximum resolution of an image to 1600 pixels (the dots that make up the image), generally this isn't a problem, it is big enough to view on most screens and still see the detail. 

For the Filofax catalogues they have been scanned in most cases to a much higher resolution, then downsized for the blog. A higher resolution version of the same images were stored on Flickr. That is until this change. I was well under the 1 TB space limit, but the 1000 images limit was going to be the issue. The catalogue images number over 1700 and about 13 Gb in total space (at max resolution). 

I could have upgraded to a Flickr Pro account, but that would have cost a monthly fee. As I don't use Flickr for anything else I wasn't going to be held to ransom. 

A lot of other users have complained about this 1000 image limit, yet Flickr claim it only impacts 3% of free account holders and I'm one of that 3%. 

So last week I made an executive decision to move all of the catalogue images over to my own server in the cloud. Not a five minute task given the slowness of our internet connection here in France. 

However, I got the job done, I've now deleted my Flickr account along with all the images I had on there! 

The Catalogue Page here on Philofaxy has been updated with the new location of the higher resolution images, they are generally over 3000 pixels on the longest side of the image.

The new site can be found here as well: 

The new site is still 'Work in Progress' but all of the images are now there and links in place for you to be able to find your way around. 

I will be doing some follow up work to 'enhance' the information on each catalogue, which is something I couldn't easily do on Flickr. 

Additionally I have 'discovered' some files that had been missed out of the catalogue index, they are now there too. 

I've also discovered some files that I've not shared before either. These will appear in due course once I have recovered from the epic file upload exercise of the last 5 days! 

Of course if you have any Filofax catalogues that we don't have, or your own countries version of one we have, there are variations, and we are interested in any catalogues through the years. Please get in touch with steve at philofaxy dot com 

Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support. 


  1. Like you I am one of the 3% and might bite the bullet and pay for at least the first year. Thanks for the protecting of the material and for taking the time to move the files, that must have taken quite a while. I have not checked yet, but is there a link to the new catalogue page on the top or side? In a few weeks this post will have moved down as you write more posts and I and others might not find it again!

  2. Thank you for moving the files. I enjoy looking at the catalogs periodically. All of your hard work is much appreciated!

  3. Thank you for your time and effort Steve - I often page through the catalogues, enjoying the memories of what once was and chastising myself for not stocking up on some of what will never again appear on the stationer's shelves.

  4. I am thankful you took the time to do this. The catalogues are a wonderful resource.