05 November 2018

Width Guide

Whilst doing research in to B6 organisers, I was looking through past postings on the Van der Spek Facebook group and came across a variety of posts about Van der Spek Custom organisers that had been widened to take different width pages.

There seemed to be some confusion about the additional width required for different brands/designs of planner pages.

Here is my take on this problem.

Page Size Actual size Additional Width(mm)
171 x 95 mm 
0 mm
Franklin Covey  
 172 x 108 mm 
13 mm
Personal 'Wide' 
 172 x 121 mm 
26 mm
 176 x 125 mm 
30 mm

Remember Personal size is the same as Standard in Van der Spek language. Same page size, same ring spacing etc.

Van der Spek also offer the option to increase the length of the clasp, but please note that the clasp length is independent of the organiser width.

Therefore just because you have increased the width it does not mean you have to also increase the length of the clasp as well.

Increasing the length of the clasp just means you can stuff more paper in to the pockets!

If in doubt ask Petra for advice on the options.
Further Information.

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