23 November 2018

Free For All Friday No. 523 by Steve

Have you got your inserts for next year yet? OK don't panic if you haven't.

Some people I'm sure will be thinking "I've not decided what format I'm going to be using next year yet"

Don't panic.... think of it this way... Just because the new year starts in a little over 5 weeks time, do you have to decide what format you will be using for all of 2019 just yet?

Why not continue with the format you are already using? A lot of people do that.

Unlike bound diaries the cost of ring bound inserts is a fraction of the cost of their bound cousins (from my own personal research that is), so if you are a little uncertain consider buying more than one type of ring bound insert for 2019 now, just in case you are going to change part of the way through the year.

If like me you print your own inserts, then don't print all 12 months now. Just do say 2 or 3 months and if you are going to continue with the same format then you can print the rest later on in the year. Or you can try out different formats easily for a couple of weeks at a time until you find the one you like best.

So concentrate on enjoying the last few weeks of the year and don't fret about 2019 just yet.

Of course it is once again Friday so of course you can discuss anything ring bound organiser related.

Enjoy the weekend.  


  1. Since I continue with the same insert combo, I was getting the 2019 inserts already in September and October. That way, I can use the next three months including January 2019 within my compact FF for better midterm planning. Anybody else using this kind of forward planning?

    1. I print my inserts late October/early November. I archive previous months when I add the next year to the folder so that it doesn't get too bulky. Before that, if there is an appointment I need to add for the next year, I add it to a blank page I have for that purpose at the end of the diary pages and write it in when the new inserts are ready.

  2. hi, for me Tomoe River Paper personal size for my personal VdS. One day for page, very thin and so perfect.

  3. I am switching from Franklin Covey classic size day on 2 pages to a Filofax personal. I haven't decided yet if I am going to stick with 2 pages per day or switch to a week on 2 pages. I have both. I am hoping to invest in a better printer so I can print my own inserts without the hassle of manually flipping and re-feeding the paper. Any recommendations on a new printer? I work from home and print quite a bit. I am currently using a Canon MG5520.

  4. All ready to go!! Same A5 format which works for me. Week on one page from Philofaxy and a facing to do page Monday to Sunday split into Home and work tasks. I also have a 3 line box at the top of the to do page with the week's non negotiable tasks the must,must,must get done this week tasks, like a focus box. Works for me!! I'll swap into my new diary on Jan 1st 2019. xxxx

  5. Filofax had their 2019 inserts available quite early this year, so I bought mine then - I am using an A5 year planner, month on 2 pages, week on 2 pages (vertical) and the day on 2 pages. Once I got my 2019 inserts, I added key events and reminders to them, and started running my Filofax from the current month and gradually adding more of the 2019 inserts. Now my Filofax runs from November 2018 - December 2019 (monthly and weekly only - the daily inserts are just the current month). This works well for me and I have been doing it for a few years now rather than swapping over on January 1st.

  6. Ready for 2019 with Classic size Franklin Covey "Monticello" pages, two pages per day. I've tried using A5, but the American sizes seem to work better for me.