16 November 2018

Free for All Friday No. 422 by Nan

Do you like to color-coordinate your organizers? Do you change binders with the seasons? Do you use certain paper colors with certain binder covers?

I confess, in cold weather I start to want to to use a brown organizer, with cotton cream paper!

Of course, since it's Friday, all ring-bound organizer discussion is welcome!


  1. Currently I use a pink Franklin Planner Aurora binder. The pink color, while pretty doesn't feel right for this time of year. I just placed an order for a brown Filofax Malden (I used the Amazon link on your site, by the way). The brown feels more appropriate than pink this time of year. I can't wait to get it and do a video! It will be my first Filofax organizer!

  2. I change my planners almost weekly, but with the seasons. The bright teals and pinks don't feel right for fall and winter. I just ordered a black Finsbury Filofax, which will be my LBP (little black planner - sorta like a little black dress). I have a vintage pink Malden that has enough patina that its a darker color and appropriate for fall. I have my eye on the stone colored Malden. I pray every day that they bring back the black Malden. Haha! I switch between Franklin Covey and Filofax, but have decided to use Filofax for 2019. I prefer white paper, unless it's for notes and then colored paper is fine. :-)

  3. I use a disc-bound planner and switch out the covers with the seasons. In summer, I lean towards an aqua cover with aluminum discs. Last winter, I used a black cover with tortoise-shell style discs. Currently, I’m using a grey cloth cover with copper colored discs. I make most of my own inserts, often using a splash of color at the page heading, and changing the color scheme with the seasons. Keeps my planner feeling fresh.