17 February 2019

Silent Sunday


  1. Where did you get that front sleeve for A5? That's marvellous,love it. Not seen one like that before. Oh and that pen/pencil is stylish. Looks like a Mont Blanc. I was thinking you are like me, in that I have to take my watch off if I am planning I am more likely to glance at it alongside me than on my wrist.

    1. It comes with the Heritage A5. The idea's great but the execution, in this case, is horrible. It's bulky (not a great idea on the Heritage, which has tiny rings), the pen loop has been badly placed, it doesn't turn well on the rings … one of those occasions where nobody seems to have actually tested it before putting it on the market. It was the first thing I got rid of when I got my Heritage. I've recently bought some leather-working tools, so I'm thinking of butchering it and trying to turn it into something more usable.

    2. Ah, thanks for your feedback Graham. Not as great as it looks then! I liked the idea here of a luggage tag type clear address window on the fly leaf at the front. Clever I thought.