20 March 2019

What happened to Web Finds today?

Hello everyone.

No, I didn't forget to do the video Web Finds today.

Following the terrible events in Christchurch New Zealand last week, You Tube have disabled the ability to filter and sort videos by the upload date.  Therefore it is virtually impossible for my system to find the most recent videos to include in the Web Finds posts.

My system uses a variety of search terms to find the videos such as this one: Filofax Video

As you will see not only are the videos in some sort of random order, they date from years ago to weeks ago. Normally the videos would be in the order of the most recent one first.

I had planned to assemble the post on Monday before travelling all day yesterday and do a quick update late last night to finish off the post for today. Sadly that wasn't going to be possible given the issues with You Tube.

So I had to quickly finish off the post you saw today which was intended for Thursday...

I will of course be keeping a close watch on You Tube to see if they restore the search/filtering, but until they do I will not easily be able to bring you video web finds. I will also look at other ways of bringing you the recent videos from the frequent video creators as well.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


  1. Is YouTube hashtag-able? Perhaps they could hastag #philofaxyMMDDYYY and get picked up that way..

  2. That is a nuisance Steve for you. I wonder if there is another search method hidden away within You Tube, date related perhaps. x