29 March 2019

Free For All Friday - No. 541 by Steve

Well another hectic week for me comes to an end.

I look at my organiser and see how many things I've ticked off on my list of tasks.

Sometimes not many, other times I'm well ahead of the game... this week sadly it is the former and not the later... but there is always next week!

In Europe this weekend, the clocks go forward an hour, a chore I never look forward to because there are so many to do that don't automatically change!

As always it is Friday so feel free to discuss anything organiser related.  Have a great weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Just a sigh...I quite love Filofax and yet I have come to a conclusion that for a nice and practical ring binder for my husband I will have to leave FF for VDS. FF just don't make them as they used to do anymore... but if any of you fancy an old range model like pocket Cuban or Chameleon I have found some here and am currently expecting a green pocket Chameleon: https://potreby-kancelarske.eu/vyhledavani.htm?q=filofax. I hope they aren't going to tell me that they have just neglected removing them from their catalogue.