21 March 2019

Reading Lists

Books, I love to read them, but can I remember which ones I've read, and if I'm reading a series have I read them in the correct order?

If you know me well enough then the answer is no... to both questions! Poor memory or just too much going on in life you decide!

This is where my organiser comes to the rescue!  I have some simple templates that I can write in the book titles I've read so far. In the case of a series I write them in to the list in the correct order and then I can enter the dates I read them or simply tick them off as I go through them.

You can find the templates I use here:
Alternatively I've adapted an existing 'To-do' list into a reading list or books to read list. Will there be enough time to read them all is another matter!

You will of course find my dear wife's books here! I'm sure she will welcome a few more fans! 

Happy reading.... 


  1. I've just realized I have read out of synch in the Jo Jo Moyes Me Before You series. I didn't know initially that there was a series and thus a sequence. I have a book list in my A5 too. I so often come across good book recommends in the Sunday Papers or magazines, so it is handy to have a book list capture page. xx

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