27 December 2019

Free for All Friday No. 581 by Nan

You may be just getting over the Christmas hump right now. Or you may be right in the middle of Hanukkah. Or you may be celebrating something different entirely. Or this time of year may not be a holiday for you at all.

Holidays of all kinds are always a time to celebrate the moment, often to reflect on the past, and sometimes to look toward the future.

How do you use your Filofax to plan for the future? Do you have 5-year, 10-year, and 20-year plans and a place in your Filofax to write them down? Or do you plan in smaller increments?

In any case, a Filofax gives you room to be as creative or specific as you like.

So let's go ahead and discuss future plans. Of course, since it's Friday, you're free to discuss anything related to your particular ring-bound organizer!


  1. A promotional email from Filofax UK yesterday carried a subtitle inviting recipients to “plan, bujo and be merry”. Had me puzzled for a while!

    1. Or should it have been 'Play banjo and be merry'? peut t'ĂȘtre

  2. Planning for the future:

    First of all there is some broad note making. I divide my life into 5 areas and have five goals for each. I create a hand written symbol for each of the goals in these 5 areas. I call them my 5 X 5. This allows me to scribble the symbol anywhere in my planner to remind me what I am trying to achieve. Otherwise I get caught up in the details. I create a section for each area and at a forward looking plan for each goal.

    For the plans, I use the grid project plans that Filofax used to produce. I have some left although I am slowly replacing them with PPS inserts as they still make them.

    In personal size, I use WH Smith Horizontal Monthly. They are divided into weekly columns. I ignore the days / dates and plan the 52 weeks in advance, using these columns to make lists.

    Finally I use Daytimer and PPS monthly tabbed inserts for milestones and deadlines.