30 December 2019

Change Over Week

Well today is the start of my 'change over week'. It is the week that my 2019 inserts finish on, as well as the week my 2020 inserts start on, effectively a week overlap.

In the next couple of days I will be taking out my 2019 inserts, going through them, before archiving them in another binder.

My end of year review is to capture any tasks or notes that need to be carried over in to the new year. It shouldn't take too long to do.

It is also the end of my journal for 2019. I have already purchased the same type for 2020, but I will be inserting it in to my new Van der Spek Codex A5 planner cover. I prefer to use a bound planner as a journal as it makes archiving it easier and complete, also the paper quality is excellent I can use fountain pen without any issues.

Another task I will be doing this week is to check my notes and information pages in my organiser for updates or no longer required.

2019 was a busy year for us, no doubt 2020 will be just as busy with the arrival of our first grand child expected in May.

My planners of choice this coming year will be as follows:

Van der Spek Custom A5: This is my main day to day planner which sits on my desk.
Filofax Chester Compact A5: For when I'm travelling
Van der Speck Codex A5: Used for my journal
William Hannah Pocket Notebook: Used for on the go notes in a Rhodia Unlimited notebook.
Letts of London Travel Journal: For journalling whilst travelling.

What are you using this coming year?


  1. I am split again between personal and A5.

    In personal I have:

    Daytimer binder with Daytimer week to view - work appointments
    Filofax Finsbury zip with Filofax Week + notes - work Management and tasks
    Filofax Heritage with Monthly Filofax and WH Smith and sections per project - this one I use for Agile project management for work.
    Filofax Original with Cotton Cream Week to View - All my personal stuff

    In A5 I am trying the PPS Ltd week to view, plus a LOAD of additional inserts from them for projects, meetings etc. That's all going into an A5 Guildford and an Adelphi.

    Last year I split my organisation into Brown leather binders, cotton cream inserts and brown Fountain pen ink for personal use. I use an XF nib Waterman Expert.

    For Work related stuff I use Black leather binders, white inserts (apart from the PPS) black and blue fountain pen ink. I am using a Platinum PTL-5000 and a Lamy ST both with XF nibs. The Platinum is the perfect fountain pen for personal sized planners. It is one of the cheapest pens with a gold nib and lays down an ultra fine line.

    The Finsbury zip and the black Heritage pair nicely - both have a similar grain and neither have a clasp.

  2. Interesting that last year your set up was with 2 organisers, and this year with 5. Is this a change you are just making or something you migrated to during 2019?

    1. I used an Appunto for my Quo Vadis Journal last year and the year before. I also used a compact A5 on occasions. I have used a variety of things for my note taking such as a Travelers Notebook, or an A6 disc bound notebook, or a Filofax Flex. The Letts Travel Journal is a new addition though. I picked it up at PlannerCon Europe.

      The two A5 organisers aren't used at the same time, it's one or the other.

  3. I'm ending 2019 in my purple A5 Malden but starting 2020 in a duck egg A5 Original. I was so scared of my malden getting damaged so I nabbed a secondhand Original on ebay super cheap. I'm not worried about it getting damaged but I have to say I love it so much more than I expected.

    Inserts are Nbplanner vertical week to view dotted as I can draw in lines for the school periods.

  4. I may have that problem with my A5 Purple Malden as well. Great idea to buy something else to calm the nerves and worry less about damaging the Malden. lol.

  5. Congrats on your first grandchild! I am ending the year and starting the year with the same planners I started with at the beginning of 2019, this is a massive achievement for me. My pillar box red (work) and coral (home) classics. All of my other organisers are chilling on a shelf since 2019 began. I have usually changed my setup and planner mid-year, but a little bird made me some wonderful inserts and they have really worked for me this year, will be using the same in 2020. Ps change over week is one of my favourite weeks in the year!

  6. I've dabbled with different systems over the past year as my new job has very different requirements and I have struggled to find a way to meet the need with the appropriate tool. At this poing I am thinking about reverting to what always seems to work best for me - personal size filofax with day-on-two-pages diary. It is never really perfect but always seems to be the most functional and practical solution for me.