15 January 2021

Free for All Friday No. 636 by Nan

How is 2021 going so far?

Are you well into using your new system for this year?

Are you still deciding on a solution for 2021?

Or, like me, are you doing great with your new 2021 organizer, but still have the old one around because there are still some old lists and notes you need to migrate forward?

Of course, since it's Friday, all discussion related to ring-bound organizers is welcome!


  1. I recently saw a photo of something I want and simply cannot find.

    Navy Pocket Malden with a Zipper. SIGH.

    1. Yes that was from 2013-14 I have the Malden Compact Zip, but the pocket is also nice, not that is is a size I use these days!

  2. I am stll tinkering with my planner Nan. It has taken me ages to set up this year. Lockdown has lowered my va va voom I think!! I hope to finish setting up today... yay!!

  3. Using same system / setup as in 2020.

    So, going OK so far.....


  4. Usually I am a die hard A5 with satellite pocket for the purse binder girl, but since 100% telework began, I've decided to give the personal another chance. I recently purchased a Domino Luxe because I figured it would be easier to disinfect than my leather Maldens.

    I confess that I'm enjoying the less weight in my purse, but the smaller personal page is forcing me to be choosy about which bullet points I write on my week on two page layout. *sigh* I really do miss my time management A5 layout, but I told myself that I'd live in the personal until April. The biggest bonus for me is only having to maintain ONE planner.

  5. I'm using the same set up that I've been using for some years now & feeling pretty content in my Kensington.

    I need to write a post about my set up for work, but it's going to be put through its paces fairly soon as I'll be starting my new second job soon.

  6. I don’t usually change planner systems at the start of a new year. This year I bought a new binder and a dashboard, but the calendar pages are the same.🙂

  7. I swapped the contents in to a different A5, but the style and format has remained the same. I did go through my pages and up date a few though.
    And I am using a new Quo Vadis Daily 21 to journal in as usual, the same as previous years.