22 January 2021

Free For All Friday - No.637 by Steve

2021 should have been the dawn of a New Year. Making up for what you didn't manage to get done last year? 

Sadly I think for a lot of people unless you live in New Zealand, this year is just more of the same! 

Here is my year planner for 2021..

Normally by now we would have a few events and trips planned on the calendar. May be not booked, but the dates marked on there to keep them clear of other events. 

I always have one of these in my organiser as well as this one within my view when sat at my desk. 

To combat this trying to predict the unpredictable, I'm planning each week in more detail than normal. I'm making sure I know exactly what I intend to do on every day, what I need to buy for any projects I'm doing around the house, this is so I don't get caught out if we enter an even tougher lock-down than we are in at the moment! 

How are you using your organiser to cope with the current situation we have been in for months? 

Of course it is Friday so please feel free to discuss anything organiser related. 

Stay safe and take care. 


  1. My diary does have some future events in it - in Queensland (Australia) things are so far under control with the Covids, - we had a three down lock down and mandatory masks wearing for a week or so, but at the moment things are ok - who knows what will happen in the future though! WIth the uncertain world however all future events are literally pencilled in. Planned conferences and presentations, etc that will be in a hybrid mode) in person and via web conferencing), will probably go ahead even if we have another lockdown as they can be done remotely on the webz from people's homes if needed. I do have a lot of things in my weekly section as work meetings and tasks still happen regardless of working from home or the office. I am saddened for all the people going through such awful times and I thank you for this blog, as it gives people something interesting and happy to think about.

  2. Philofaxy and the community are indeed a constant cheer. These times are hard for many. How rules could be much tighter in France, or the UK, I don't know, Steve, though press talk this week was of families not goiing food shopping together, ie 1 adult per household. Re: plaanning, permanent events I have put in pen and the rest in Frixion erasable this year. I have also downsized to A6 which I love. Thank goodness for printables too. xxxx