08 January 2021

Free For All Friday No. 635 by Laurie

Philofaxy printable year planner
This week I've been focusing on my annual planning. I don't go into too much detail at the annual view, but I still find it very helpful to plan my year. 

I look through my monthly planning pages (where I write big events like holidays, birthdays, and any other big things) and notice when important events happen. Then I write in my weekly pages what I need to do to prepare for these.

I also notice when large bills are due, and when renewals need to happen. I write the action steps for these in my weekly pages.

I also like to have an annual plan for work. I make note of which months or weeks are usually busiest, when things slack off a bit, and which months are usually more, or less, productive. For example December is usually less productive due to the holidays. Springtime is when things really start to gear up, and summer is the busiest season for us. 

As last year so brutally taught us, plans change a lot, especially at such a big overall view. But I still find it very helpful to have a bird's-eye view of my year so I can anticipate certain things coming up and plan ahead for them.

Do you do annual planning for work or your personal life?

(You can find free downloadable monthly and yearly planners to print yourself in various ring-binder sizes on the Philofaxy Diaries page!)

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring-binder organiser related!


  1. Work, yes, but don't always use a yearly form...probably should.

    Personal, somewhat, mostly a quarterly look ahead....but probably would be good to do a yearly view....


  2. I don't really use yearly views, but have just downloaded one to fill in our refuse and recycling bin collection days. Handy to have!! xx

  3. I try to plan using a year planner, just the A4 size one. Although last year as far as planning for trips and things was a bit of a disaster all round.

    I find it handy to have one of those next to my computer to glance to when blogging as well, although I don't write anything on it for that.