07 October 2021

Mulberry A5 ring mechanisms

The Mulberry A5 organisers are a little unusual in that the ring mechanism uses the same ring spacing as Filofax Personal size. (The left hand ring mech in the photo above) 

This is ok if you are using their own brand inserts, but it can be a bit limiting if you want to buy pre-printed and pre-punched inserts. 

Oliver, one of our readers contacted me about the prospect of changing the ring mechanism in his Mulberry A5 for one that was the same spacing as a normal A5 Filofax. 

I approached this cautiously at first having investigated this with another reader in the past. Whilst the rings on theirs were the removable type, they were the PXR type, which uses two posts and spring clips to hold ring mechanism in place. These are not only difficult to remove, but virtually impossible to obtain new. 

There is another possible solution to this type, but I need to investigate this idea further. 

Oliver and I hooked up with a quick video call to investigate his Mulberry A5. 

I first of all guided him in to removing just the top cover. This is fairly easy to do by just easing it off one section at a time. We then removed the tabs with the rings open. 

He then showed me the inside of the ring mechanism, so we could establish the type of mechanism fitted to it. There were no holes in the ring halves that would have indicated it was the PXR type.  Looking down the length of the ring mechanism with the rings open we couldn't see the posts on the underside of the ring halves. It was therefore a safe bet that they were the PER type of Krause rings. 

The next step was to pull the rings apart to investigate the mountings of the base plate. After a few attempts Oliver managed to spring the ring halves apart and we were then able to see that the base plate was '3 point mounting' and the mounting distance was the same as available from Gillio and Van der Spek. 

Oliver was able to reassemble the original Mulberry A5 rings and he ordered a set of Krause 25mm rings which arrived a few days later. I gave him some tips on how to install the rings and my in-box pinged this morning with the above photograph. 

Oliver now has an A5 Mulberry with conventional spaced A5 rings. 😊


  1. Filofax A5 ring spacing may be “conventional” now, but it wasn’t always the case. As well as Mulberry, Time Manager (TMI) and Quo Vadis Time 21 used the same ring spacing as what we now call “personal”. Time Manager alone boasted three million daily users at its peak.

    1. do you happen to know if Mulberry has discontinued their A5 ring covers? On their website I can only find the smaller versions or covers without rings. And it`s interesting to hear that some companies use personal rings for their A5 covers... opens up a whole new world :-)

  2. Congratulations Oliver, well done Steve, and very interesting Tim!