11 October 2021

Filofax Celebrating the Centenary in Japan

It seems that Filofax Japan has celebrated the 100th anniversary of Filofax in a very different way to the rest of the world. 

I came across this link to the Filofax King limited edition.  

The translated text indicates: 

"KING", which was released in 2004 only for 200 books worldwide, is reprinted only in Japan to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Filofax. The lion and crown marks with the motif of the quality assurance mark of British sterling silver products are embossed on the entire outer surface. This is a limited edition model that uses plenty of calf leather on both the outside and inside, and also has the 100th anniversary logo. The included refills are also substantial, and it's nice to be able to start using it as soon as it arrives.

It looks as if the internal layout is similar to the Holborn.  The exterior might not be to everyones taste though!

On Instagram this same company shared this image too:

The image is very low resolution, but there's no mistaking that it is a Winchester of some sort, may be a remake of the Winchester with a flyleaf as well. 

A bit of further digging, I was directed to this blog post

Scroll down the page and you will see both models. 

The text below roughly translates to:
The photo shows two items that will be limited to the 100th anniversary of FILO FAX that arrived at the Umeda Chayamachi store the other day.
Around 1984, a reprint of Winchester, which reprinted the legendary model that was predominant at that time, and KING, which was released in 2004 in a limited edition of 200 volumes worldwide.
Both are gold rings and have a beautiful finish.

Their shop looks amazing if their Facebook page is a good measure of the contents! Located in Kobe which is in the southern part of Japan.  

I can't see any mention of either of these on Filofax Japan, they just list the same models as you will see anywhere else. Odd

Filofax in Japan is a very different market to the rest of the world. In Europe and the USA the market demographic is very much female dominated, in Japan it is virtually the opposite. Think of Filofax in the 80's! Therefore their marketing and models have always been different. The Filofax Chester model that we now can buy, was originally released in Japan over 12 months before it was made available in the rest of the world. We were given a sneak preview of it at PlannerCon Europe 2017 [YouTube Video]

So will we see any further Filofax Japan models in USA/Europe? Who knows your guess is as good as mine!


  1. That Winchester special edition is exactly how many of us expected the 100 years would be commemorated worldwide. Given the market demographics, if released in Europe and North America, it would probably be in pastel pink with a trinket and a roll of washi tape!

  2. Yes - these look much more fitting to mark the centenary.
    At current exchange rates the Winchester model is priced at £323 and the King at £392.
    That shop looks amazing.

  3. Never knew Filofax in Japan was mostly male users until I read this post. Very cool. Im in the USA so majority of planners I see are female so its always nice to see males in the planner world too.

  4. In our global and connected world, I no longer understand why companies try to limit certain versions of their goods to certain markets. Why not allow the rest of us to get access to these items too? I note that Filofax are still marketing their "exclusive" and "limited edition" centennial versions, which indicates to me that uptake hasn't been what they were probably expecting. No surprise from me - I think they don't understand their market any more.

    1. I have both the 75th and 85th anniversary binders and I would not buy the European centennial one. Not even to complete the 'set'. I think Filofax have misjudged their market many times. That's why other brands are running rings (ha ha) around them these days.

  5. I agree that these are definitely more fitting for a centenary & I wonder if any of them may be sold at a later date, like the more recent Chester.

  6. I think the Japanese way of commemorating this milestone is way better than the European one. Real heritage binders. That KING looks beautiful. More in line with the Scurr (75th) and even the Eton (85th).