28 October 2021

Where can I buy.......

I often see messages on Social Media that start with 'Where can I buy....' followed by a long discontinued Filofax model. 

Sometimes you can get lucky and you can find a 'Brand New Still In Box' (BNIB) example of the model you have been scouring the internet for. Other times you will be a little disappointed for various reasons. 

The model you are looking for, was may be only made or sold for a year or less. They might not have withstood regular use unlike others that can look like new even 20 years or more old. 

So the examples you might find for sale might be a little worn at the corners or not have perfect condition covers, but in some cases that can add 'character' to an organiser, which some people prefer. 

If you do discover the particular model/size you are looking for, don't get too keen and start offering silly amounts of money for it. Do that and the seller might start to realise that this 'old dusty organiser' that has been sat on their book shelf for the last decade is worth more than they paid for it all those years ago!.

I have put a Wanted advert on our own Adspot page and had reasonable success finding a couple of organisers I 'missed' when they were on sale. One was my A5 Chameleon in black that I bought for a reasonable price and it was literally brand new and still in the original packing with the original inserts still in place. 

So it is possible to 'get lucky' 

To post a Wanted advert, just send me an email: philofaxy at gmail dot com and give the details of the model you are looking for (any brand) include what country you are in so the seller can estimate the cost of shipping and your contact details. 

Good luck in your hunting. 

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