20 June 2022


During the extremely hot weather we have been having here in South West France these last few days, I've been catching up with some reading. 

Going outside even just to check for post was quite exhausting. Whilst it was 40 degrees outside I was keeping cool and calm indoors at temperatures no higher than 27 degrees, drinking plenty of plain water!. 

I'm not a very fast reader, but I do enjoy a good crime novel. I've read my wife's first crime thriller Double Identity which was very good (she wasn't standing over my shoulder while I wrote that!!) 

I'm also a big fan of Michael Connelly and his books about Harry Bosch and LAPD Homicide Detective and also Mickey Haller a defence attorney. 

It was his books I needed to sort out, they have been written over a long period of time since 1992, and his Wikipedia Page has a detailed chart of the books when they were published and the characters in them. What I didn't know was, have I read them all, and in what order! 

Now I know that there is bound to be 'an app for that' in my case it was 'I'm sure I have a template file for that

Of course we do... here!

A5 Templates:
Personal Templates:
I printed off a few these sheets for A5 and started on checking off the books. Fortunately I only discovered a couple I've missed off my reading journey which I will add to my Kindle in due course. 

What books have you read recently? 


  1. This is very nice, I'll use these, thank you. On the reading list, I like to rate my books, so I'll try the first column as Finished, and second column as Rating.

  2. One of the first things I wrote down when I came back to using a Filofax was Author Specific books in order. Yes I can look it up on the internet, but I can’t hold onto the information, so I have a small section with all my favourites written down by date, and a code as to whether they are ebooks or paper and/or audio.

  3. I have a read list, a list of things on my kindle to read, a wish list of books I would like to read, a list of book club books for this year and a list of recommended book club books ready for choosing next year s books. Too many lists? Possibly but all useful. I do love to read.
    Interesting programme on BBC if you can watch it is Between the Covers.its like a celebrity book club and it has thrown up a few really worth reading books.
    Also if you make a wish list on Amazo of books they will let you know when they are cheap or even give you a deal on them.
    Happy reading

  4. Great timing, Steve, as I've just recently managed to really get back into reading, so it will be great to keep a reading list :)