30 June 2022

One Book July 2022

1 July is tomorrow. Who will be taking part in One Book July this year?

Firstly, what is One Book July? I believe it started in 2014. A small group of people in the planner community came up with the idea of trying to stick to just using one planner/book for the whole month of July.

There is a great post about the history of 'One Book July' in Paper Planning Magazine it goes in to full detail, so I won't repeat that here.

There are also a lot of videos on You Tube about various peoples approach to One Book July and how they faired etc.

Hopefully people will gain from the experience in taking part in the challenge.

Good luck.


  1. This will be the third or fourth year for me to do One Planner July. It’s a way to obtain planner peace for the month. Most of the year I use an A5, but for July I use a smaller size. I combine this with One Bible July and eliminate watching national news on TV. These three things have a calming effect on me.

  2. Maybe I shall start one book for life trend ;) I generally use one planner for very long time. Been in VDS TM for years until I purchased Gillio from this website. I will continue using it until my VDS custom arrives and I will be in it for.. life!

  3. I have good intentions, last 1-2 weeks and then fail. Go back to my original system. Always say this year I will stick but never do.

  4. I have taken part in some of the previous years & found it very useful. However, I've decided that I won't be this year, as I do prefer keeping my work & personal separate, especially now that my job is now completely home-based.