10 June 2022

Free For All Friday - No. 709 by Steve

After what seemed like an eternity my new UK passport arrived yesterday by courier. It took just over 6 weeks from my initial application, which is better than the predicted 11 weeks. 

The uncertainty of when it would arrive has left me in planning limbo, unable to be able to know when I would be able to travel outside of France! 

I can now start thinking about our next trip to UK! 

Don't forget it is Friday so feel free to discuss anything Filofax related. 


  1. Maybe this is not the place to get into a heated discussion on the new blue (surely black?) post Brexit, British passports that are actually made and printed in France! They are still metric size so still fit in Filofax Pocket organisers, Flex wallets and Notebooks

    1. Definitely not blue in the true sense! However is you place it on something that is black it looks very very slightly lighter! Very sad that it doesn't have European Union on the cover any more... and I live in France of course! But I have a French residency card as well now.
      My wife Alison has just been granted French Nationality so she will be applying for a French ID card and passport, her appointment is in a couple of months time.
      I have to improve my French before I can consider applying! One day... may be.