21 July 2022

Guest Post - Harrods x Filofax - Nick

Thank you to Nick for sending in this post about the Harrods x Filofax Original. 

I recently snagged one of the new Harrods x Filofax organizers, and thought I’d pass along some pics and my thoughts, to the extent you’d like to share on your blog.

I first learned about this limited release from “Organizer Steve” YouTube unboxing video. Harrods is offering three different exclusive Filofax organizers modeled largely on the Original (personal and A5 in black, and personal in Dawn (a light pink color)).

The main attractions for me were the 25 mm gold rings, special gold Harrods popper, leather page marker, and gold interior lettering (rather than the typical embossed lettering). 

The fill consists of an 18-month minimal week on two diary, plus a variety of minimal ruled, blank, and dotted sheets, along with a special Harrods cover sheet and Harrods jot pad in the back. No dividers were included.

Surprisingly, the organizer was priced below the standard US retail price for Originals (103 USD plus shipping), and it arrived in two business days from the UK here in the US - very pleased.

For those interested in the Original but who would prefer larger (gold!) rings, this is a solid choice.

Thank you Nick for sharing your post with us. It was interesting to see Filofax doing this collaboration with Harrods, they have worked together in the past 30-40 years ago!


  1. It is indeed a very elegant cover, black+gold+25mm rings are really wonderful!

  2. Very handsome, classic looking! thanks for sharing.