25 July 2022

Selling on Philofaxy

Selling an organiser on the Adspot page on Philofaxy is fairly straight forward. 

All you need to do is email  philofaxy at gmail.com with the photos of the item and the text, we will get it on the page for you within a few days. 

Make sure the photos show all sides of the item, inside and out. That you include photos of any defects, scratches etc in the leather. 

In the text you need to include a full description of the item, price, where you are willing to ship to and your location so that people can have some idea on the cost of shipping. 

We generally put adverts on the page for three months but occasionally longer depending how many adverts are currently running. 

You can also advertise for 'Wanted' organisers, ones that you missed out on etc!

We don't restrict brands to just Filofax, other brands are welcome. 

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