01 July 2022

Free for All Friday No. 712 by Nan

As much as we love our organizers, they are only tools. It's up to us to use them to have a system for using them effectively. 

Do you follow a system like First Things First, Getting Things Done, or Flylady? Or have you come up with your own system?

I've tried all of these systems and found them too complex for daily use. Most days, I keep my calendar updated and make a list of which tasks would be the best use of my time that day—including the ones that must be done that day or else! My system is a work in progress. I guess I've learned something from all the systems I've tried, but I always end up going back to what works best for me. 

I think the best organizer is the one that makes your life easier, not harder! 

As always on Fridays, feel free to share your thoughts on anything organizer-related!


  1. I have my own system, even though I must admit I've stolen a few ideas here and there ;) Especially the idea of creating charts to track things – sleep, number of hours spent walking, etc. Very useful. I would never have had this idea on my own, I'm glad I saw other planner users do this online!

  2. I agree that many of the systems are too complicated to follow for me. I have learned that sometimes just paper and pen to make lists of things I need to accomplish that day or week are what I need to help me keep up. I do love my new pocket Malden, but I haven't decided exactly what inserts will work best for me. Meanwhile, I keep making lists so I don't forget the important stuff. -Mary

  3. I purchased my first Filofax as I was looking for something flexible to hold my Getting Things Done system. For many years, I used my GTD based set up, but to be honest, I never fully implemented all of GTD as some of it felt too cumbersome to keep up with & also I never felt that my life was complex enough to warrant it.

    So, I decided to try out a simplified set up for a change... & checking back on my posts here, I've realised that I have now been using it since 2018!

    1. Thank you for sharing your setup. I think this is close to what I need in my Malden. -Mary

  4. Late to comment but this is an excellent topic that I think about often. I am so easily swayed by a good story, and every system has so many people that testify how well that system worked for them. I sometimes wish I could find a system that works that well for me. But in reality, like you said, I have learned something from each system I have tried, and have incorporated different elements into creating my own system that works for me. Sometimes I still get "system envy" but in reality I know that my own system works better for me than any other will.