08 July 2022

Free For All Friday - No. 713 by Steve

The one that got away.... 

Is there a particular Filofax that you now wish you had bought when they were for sale, but now they are no longer sold or you rarely see them for sale anywhere? 

As always please feel free to discuss anything Filofax related. 

Have a good weekend. 



  1. I've just got a pocket Belmont. Very much looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. Love my picket Holborn for the super soft leather. I don't think there is one filofax I covet but I do have a list of ones I would like to own if I ever see them.

  2. How's everybody else describe the price of official Filofax inserts? I'm torn between "offensively expensive" and "preposterously pricy". Three quid for a single A5 clear sleeve at WHSmith!

  3. The Journey Companion from 2013. https://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2013/07/review-journey-travel-companion.html?m=1

  4. Filofax Malden in the Baroque style in teal.

  5. The pocket Filofax with a decorative circular silver clasp. Can't remember its name though!!!

  6. I sold my Portland Grand and wish I hadn’t. That was my favorite and still is, but I needed the money at that time. I also loved my crimson personal Malden, the Journey and buttercup ostrich, but wine zipped personal Holborn, but my Portland Grand is the one that got away.

  7. There have been a few in my case. Some I’ve managed to get hold of without too much difficulty.
    A really odd one that I had in my hand at a store in Manchester during a meet up, that I wish I had bought was a Filofax A5 Luxe. They had 20mm rings.
    Not the end of the world…. I have plenty of others, but you know how it is!!!

  8. Crimson Malden in all size 😍

  9. Hope it's not too late to post this....it's still Friday where I am...however, if no one responds, I'll repost next week..... ;-)

    Been thinking about ideas for archiving FF or similar pages besides putting in a ring binder.

    Franklin Covey sells nice storage boxes that sit nicely on a shelf.

    Anything similar for FF or similar pages?

    Another thought is taking pages to a print shop and having them either glue the edge of pages to a cover to make like a book if not too expensive or maybe have them spiral bind?

    Don't need all my pages, would mostly be any important notes.

    Thanks for any and all input.


    1. I keep my daily journal in my ring bound planner and then archive the pages in a cheap A5 clear cover binder. I think your idea of getting them bound in a book is a great idea. I would look at print shops or office supply stores. Maybe you could scan all of the pages to a pdf file and submit to an online print shop to have bound in book form. I have seen this done with pictures.

    2. Thanks for your input, Caitlin.

      Yes, I plan to go to nearby office supply store and check options for binding.

      If not, print shop or online shop as you suggest.

      We shall see....

    3. I keep my planner pages from work for several years, and I just stick treasury tags through the top and bottom holes, and put them in a box. Cheap and easy.

  10. I recently missed a personal Dundee. It was a beautiful brown croco. I missed it on eBay. I also sold my personal cherry Finsbury and I wish I hadn't. I miss it a lot and really can't find another one. They make a Coral Finsbury but it's not the same

  11. Thuis is my first post on thuis blog.i read it nog for some time and i am overwelmd by the knowledge here about planners and so on. I would have bought the M2. Steve gave me the advice to look on ebay. So far no Lucky. Regards, Paul