24 November 2022

Filofax Models - Royal Residences

What Filofax models have been named after Royal residences/palaces?

  • Balmoral - The summer residence of the late Queen Elizabeth II
  • Windsor (Castle) - The official residence of the sovereign King Charles III
  • Buckingham (Palace) - The official working residence of the sovereign King Charles III
  • Kensington (Palace) - Home to the young royal family. 
  • (St James's Palace and) York (House) - York House is used as offices for the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. 
Some of the Filofax names have been used twice, Alan Marshal did a full post explaining which ones covering all of the models. You can read it here


  1. My personal Kensington is my all-time favourite.
    I haven't owned any of the others, but think that the Balmorals look great, especially in the red colour.

  2. My first was a Windsor and most recent is a Buckingham. They are my favorites.

  3. I bought a New Old Stock Windsor which I have not yet put into service. I didn’t realize it was named after the castle.

  4. And then there is Cavendish named after the Duke of Devonshire. Huge aristocratic family...