25 April 2011

A Filofax for a Royal Prince and Princess?

So this is the week of the Royal Wedding. If you were asked to chose a Filofax for William and Kate what would you chose?
  • Which model?
  • Which size?
  • Which colour?
And say which one it would be for William and which one for Kate....


  1. I would choose a pocket or personal ivory Deco for Kate and a personal or A5 Kendal for William.

  2. Happy Easter to all :o)
    Ruby Deco for Kate and Cuban A5 Ink for William.

  3. It would have to be a pocket Amethyst Deco for Kate - regal but small enough to fit in her clutch bags while out on walkies. Then an A5 Malden in grey for William. Smart and sophisticated for a future king but with a nod to being a young man. Plus plenty of space for the aides to log all his appointments


  4. I'm totally with CP! Ivory Deco for Kate and Kendal for William. Kendal, because it's classy, no-fuss and it looks really great in both countryside and during city meetings ;-)

  5. CP, these were my thoughts too, although maybe the Amethyst variety for Kate!! A Kendal may scuff a bit, so I'd have a Cuban in saddle chestnut in reserve!!! William's planner in A5 of course and Kate's for the swishest handbag!!!

  6. So exciting!

    I would say that for such royalty they would have the cream of the crop and import in from the States for Kate a personal sized Ostrich in Buttercup!

    For Prince William, because he has always blazed his own trail, I would say something unique but still refined like a personal Scanda in Black.

  7. Hmmm, I'd say that the pocket Deco is definitely right for Kate, although I think she'd have to have a custom sapphire model created to match her engagement ring!

    For William, I'd say an A5 Kendal or Cuban in some shade of brown would be best!

    How fun!

  8. For William, go back to the classic Windsor, after all, it is the "House of Windsor". For Kate, no idea, I think after becoming a 'Royal', your life is pretty well planned for you anyway.

  9. Read on the newspaper grapevine today that Kate uses a Smythson diary!!! Will need to look up that website to compare with the trusty Filofax!!!!

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  11. "...for Kate a personal sized Ostrich in Buttercup!"

    I can attest to the quality of that planner - I bought mine in 2003 and have used it daily since. Even now that the majority of its functions have been delegated to an iPad2, I still carry the buttercup as my wallet, with only cotton cream plain notepaper for the occasional jot.

    The only problem (as usual for today's businesses) has been the customer service from the company, which I'm sorry to say could do with a re-think. But never mind, mustn't grumble. I do love the buttercup and would be lost without it.


  12. Ooh I'm very interested in your Ostrich Filofax. I've been fantasizing about the Ostrich in Buttercup as my super-splurge Filo. How does the hide hold up? Does it scratch easily? And I want to know, do the quill bumps feel weird?? Thanks for any info! :)


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