03 March 2023

Free For All Friday No 747 by Laurie

I print my monthly pages with the backs of the pages blank, so I can put all kinds of pages between them. I also tab the monthly pages to make it easier to find the month I'm looking for.

It's easy for me to keep track of things month to month with this system. Some of the pages I use between my monthly pages are:

Goals for that month.

Reminders for the month: big bills due, events, etc.

Details of any travel that month: flight numbers, accommodation info, etc. Having these in my month pages makes it easy to find them when I need them, and later when they are archived I can find trip info years later.

Each month I keep a running list of Good Things That Happened This Month, and Challenges This Month. I like to look back through these month by month, to remember fondly the good things, and remind myself of difficult things I overcame.

I'm constantly experimenting with my Filofax and planning systems. In my monthly section I make notes on things I tried in my system that month, so I can compare what worked and what didn't month to month. 

Sometimes I use trackers in my monthly pages, sometimes I keep tracking pages elsewhere. 

Having these pages in my monthly sections makes it easy to compare notes month to month, and find things later.

Do you use monthly pages/ sections in your Filofax?

As always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring binder organiser related!


  1. I don't normally use any diary inserts in my Filofax, but in the past I have sometimes found it useful to print out a monthly view of Google calendar on A4 paper & then fold this to fit in personal size. So, I may consider this for helping me to consider what projects & goals I'd like to work on this year.

    Thank you for sharing about your Good Things & Challenges list, as it sounds like a great idea.

  2. Cheeky Question Anon03 March, 2023 13:40

    Two cheeky queestions:

    1. have Filofax discontinued the notebook style pads of lined paper which were meant to slot into the back of Personal size planners, with the cardboard back and gummed top strip?

    I know I could ask them, but thought this community would know more, and (on a Friday evening) be faster.

    2. does anyone know of a print service, ideally UK but anywhere else as well, which will print and cut for example the Philofaxy Personal size week-to-view downloads? I can punch the holes myself but seem to have been cursed to never find a paper cutter which does anything except turn blunt immediately and then start chewing paper, and in the elusive quest for the perfect planner :) I'm debating a move to your excellent downloads later this year.

    If I can't figure this out I may move into A5 (to simplify the cutting) but Personal has always been my true love (over 17 years now). Thank you in advance for any guidance.

    1. As I live in the Netherlands I cannot give you the address of a UK printshop, but in the small town I live in there are at least four local print shops that can cut (printed or blank) paper to Personal size. They can also make the holes for you!
      My advise is to look up some local print shops and call them to get some idea what they would charge for this kind of order.

      Paper cutters are available in a lot of models. The cheaper ones can cut up to three to eight sheets at a time and if you cut more sheets they wil get blunt very fast.
      The more expensive models (like the DAHLE 561 guillotine) will serve you up to ten years before they get blunt, but those are about £300.