10 March 2023

Free for All Friday No. 748 by Nan

Business or pleasure? Well, business or personal is really what I'm talking about. For work, last year I used letter-size* month-on-two-page tabs, with my meeting notes (printed out from a Google doc) and other printed documents stored behind each month. I don't take handwritten notes for work, but use my own organizational system using Google Sheets and Google Docs. For personal (basically, everything that's not my paying job), I've been using a half-letter** two-pages-per-day Franklin Covey planner. I use the right-hand page for journaling, appointment notes, and so on. This year, with the prospect of getting a new job, I ordered week-on-two-pages for work, figuring that I'd need more room to write down the details of my new schedule and responsibilities. With all that extra room, I'm tempted to start using the big weekly pages for my personal appointments and events as well, which means I could downsize my personal planner to one-page-per-day, or even go from Classic to FC Compact or Filofax Personal. We shall see! *Letter-size is 8.5x11 inches/216x280 millimeters; the U.S. equivalent of A4. **Half-letter is 5.5x8.5 inches/140x216 millimeters; the U.S. equivalent of A5. See Steve's 2021 post on page sizes for the full story!

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  1. I have always used half letter in an A5. It took about 5 minutes to get used to, and it's been smooth sailing ever since. :)