23 May 2013

Filofax Press Release - The Journey Weekender

Something for the weekend…

Inspired by the golden age of luxury travel, the Journey Weekender in soft calf leather comes complete with removable shoulder strap and internal flexible pocket. The Journey Travel Companion wallet has multiple card pockets, soft zipped pouches and discreet small rings. Over time the leather will take on a unique appearance that adds to its charm.

Product details:

The Journey Travel Companion:
  •   Material: Soft Calf Leather
  •   Features: Discreet Slim Rings, Purse/Wallet functionality, Pockets for travel tickets
The Journey Weekender Bag:
  •   Material: Soft Calf Leather
  •   Features: Removable Shoulder Strap, Internal Flexible Pocket
  • The Journey Weekender Bag, £219
  • The Journey Travel Companion, £60

We hope to be doing a full review of the Journey Travel Companion on Philofaxy in the near future. 


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  2. I like the look of the leather! I'll be very curious to find out what size the rings are in the wallet.

  3. the wallet looks **awesome**...hope it comes to the US! can't wait to read the review : )

  4. I'd like to see the inside of the wallet, and to know if the rings are standard slimline. I currently use a Sandhurst Slimline for my travel wallet and its almost perfect, so Im interested to see how this would compare in functionality. Is there a photo available? Thanks

    1. I did ask for a photo Paul but one wasn't available immediately. But when I get a review sample I will of course photograph it from all angles and fully document all the rings and pockets etc.

  5. And I know its not Friday yet, but does anyone know the ring size of the A5 FIlofax storage binder, the black plastic one? Thanks

  6. I'm a bit confused. There has been a lot of discussion about how FF has lost its way. Now it is producing weekend bags and another new range of planners. That doesn't sound to me like a company that is looking back to its roots and what it did brilliantly and doing it again. Instead it sounds like a company chucking stuff around and hoping something sticks.

  7. I like the The Journey Travel Companion although I still have no idea what the inside will look alike.

  8. Wow this looks amazing. The leather looks beautiful and it's got a well traveled look that I just love. It really looks like soft squishy leather... This is the first time I've seen this, but I'm feeling the love for it. wow again

  9. I think the leather looks lovely. The Journey Travel Companion looks interesting but a tad bulky. I'll be interested to see the full review.

  10. I love the look of the wallet!!

  11. I hope the weekender has a detachable shoulder strap because those straps are a bit short for lugging around - I like ones that can go in hand, over arm and over shoulder because I am always juggling my bags with my duty free purchases, waller, boarding pass etc and that short strap not going to free up two hands if you need it.


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