05 May 2013

Filofax Press Release - Springboard

A bright idea from Filofax to help support life-changing literacy for children 

Seizing on this season’s fashion for bold contrasting colours, Filofax has created the fabulous Springboard organiser with a vibrant raspberry grain textured cover and bold lime strap closure.  The attention-grabbing style statement will raise money for children who are struggling with literacy in the UK.

£1.50 from the sale of every Springboard organiser will go to the charity Springboard for Children which aims to raise aspiration and attainment of children who are, for whatever reason, left behind in the education system.  The organiser comes with extra pages full of inspiring ideas which make reading, writing, spelling and language development fun and rewarding.

Sales of the bright, bold and beautiful Springboard organiser will generate the money needed to reach out to more children around Britain who struggle with literacy and so help them realise their true potential.  Working in partnership with schools, Springboard for Children provides dedicated literacy support, particularly in socially and economically disadvantaged areas where its provision to one-to-one tuition can often change a child’s life.

“We are delighted to have teamed up with Springboard for Children”, says Sharon Golbey, Head of Marketing Services at Filofax.  “It’s a natural association for us to support a charity that encourages and helps children to read and write.   Springboard is a relatively small charity and we hope our support will help raise awareness of their work and make a real difference to the children they help”.

The new Springboard organisers are available in pocket and personal size from May 2013 and are priced £30 - £35.


  1. This really looks nice. I think, I will get one of those, once they come out. Together with the Flamingo one. :)

  2. I really love this!!! My concern however is that you pay £30 n all that Filofax can donate is £1.50. Poor show!

  3. I really love this!!! My concern however is that you pay £30 n all that Filofax can donate is £1.50. Poor show!

  4. I like the color of it's today ruler!

  5. Love it. Looks a little bit like my Saffiano.

  6. Love the look of this but I love my leather binders, great cause as I have a son who struggles with reading and writing I can relate to this charity but I agree £1.50 is measley

  7. So pretty!! I think I have a new binder on my "want" list!