20 May 2013

Philofaxy discount on Gillio Compagna planners! - Guest Post -

Hello lovely Philofaxy people…

As you might have seen, I visited the Gillio shop in Brussels yesterday and spent the entire day with Tom and Mieke, who were kind enough to take the time to show me all of their planners and answer all of my questions.

They were delighted to discover that there is a community of planner-lovers out there, a “new market” for the planners they’ve been making for over 15 years now.

They are a Belgian brand, no flagship stores overseas (yet!) and they understand that, as shipping to the US and beyond is expensive, you might be reluctant to purchase one. That’s why they designed a promotion just for you guys: if you buy a Compagna planner (my model), from what they have in stock, in A5, Medium (= personal), Pocket or Mini, before my birthday (June 16th 2013), just use my first name ‘mella’ as promotional code for a stunning 25% discount!

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have about their wonderful collection!



  1. Wow, I love the amount of colours to choose from! They look like lovely planners, but a little too pricey for me :(

  2. They are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  3. They are nice...but nothing beats an Ochre Malden! LOL

    1. These are works of quality craftsmanship. I'm sorry but, pleasant as an Ochre Malden is, modern Filofaxes are just not in the same league.

      Just two problems. Firstly price and secondly bulk. These A5 models in your videos look huge with massive rings. Carrying one would have been impressive 20 years ago but they are not (IMO) really suited for modern-day business life. Now if they did a compact, slimline A5 that could slot a mini iPad in the back...

  4. These look rather gorgeous! I need to think about getting one, especially as that full width pocket in the cover looks particularly handy.

  5. I couldn't resist the discount and am now awaiting delivery of my organizer. Hope to do a review of it on my blog.

  6. I love these! Colors are beautiful, and I love soft binders like my Ochre Malden. But the price is formidable, even with the discount. I'll have to save up for one of these.

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed your video, thank you. These are definitely stunning binders and I could certainly see myself owning one..however, even with the 25% discount the price is still very prohibitive, especially factoring in shipping to California..
    I am still hoping to someday own a Filofax personal sized Ostrich binder in the beautiful buttercup yellow color. Maybe someday.....

  8. What gorgeous binders. Exquisite workmanship and quality. Wow!! I would love one of these as my A5,but it is simply out of my league price wise.Oh and wouldn't a trip to their shop in Belgium just be the utter icing on any cake too. I simply love Brussels. How blessed you are to have found them and not only to be able to visit but to afford a new binder. Your birthday is on 16th June, and mine is on 17th. I shall be 50 this year!!! I am not having any presents, cards, meals out or celebrations, but instead am asking all my friends to donate to Chelmsford Hospital Neo Natal Unit.... Mid Essex Health Trust.... MEHT. I was born two and a half months prem back in 1963, severely jaundiced,with a collapsed lung, 2lbs 12ozs in weight and not expected to survive. I was christened in hospital that day. A full blood exchange, and the skill of the midwives and premmie unit saved both my life and my mum's. So...... it is give back time for me this year. My dad and my maternal grandma also donated blood all their lives as a consequence of my birth. So out of the bad often comes good. Anything that will help other premmies and their mums and dads cope with that worry, and save lives,will give me such an inner glow.Enjoy your birthday Mella, as I shall mine. My Filofax is in full project premmie fundraiser mode at the mo!!!! Heeeee Heeeeee!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!

  9. Time for another discount code please!!! They are so expensive!