13 May 2013

Philofaxy Meet Up Proposal - Toronto

Susan Stanway and Alan Marshall have discussed the possibility of a meetup in the Toronto area this summer.  In fact, it s quite possible that there will be TWO meetups due to various people's travel schedules.  One is being tentatively planned for Thursday, June 6, when one of our comrades in rings from la belle province, Tina Louise Cayouette, will be coming through.  We are tentatively planning to meet in Toronto that evening.

I know a weeknight meetup is not ideal, so it is likely that we would try to organize a proper weekend meetup for later in the summer or early fall.  Venues for this meetup could be:
  • the historic Distillery District
  • the St. Lawrence Market, named by National Geographic as the World's Best Food Market - a stretch, I think, but it is a good really market
  • Eaton Centre
  • Bloor-Yorkville (there is a good stationery & pen shop, Laywines, in the heart of Bloor-Yorkville)
  • Yorkdale Mall, where a Mulberry Shop opens May 3
Any Philofaxy citizen from Southern Ontario, Upstate New York, Eastern Michigan, Lower Great Lakes, Quebec, (or anyone willing to make the trip to see a wonderful city) who is interested in a meetup is asked to please email alantmarshall [dot] toronto [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. The June 6 meetup plans are progressing, with 4 people confirmed.