11 May 2013

Webfinds and Video Web Finds - 11 May 2013

Here are the latest Filofax blog posts and videos from around the Internet:
  1. The Original A5 Filofax - It's My Life
  2. The Original personal size Filofax in Patent Purple - Plannerisms
  3. The Essential School Planner Method for Finding Balance in College  - The Day Timer Blog 
  4. Personal 'Me' Smashfax - Jagged Little Thoughts
  5. The Time I Bought My Sister A Filofax... And KEPT IT  - Filofancy
  6. How To Choose Your Best Planner - Carolyn Shares
  7. Making week on one page diary work - My Holy Crap
  8. Comparison photos of a compact and personal Finsbury - Purple is My Happy
  9. Times have Changed - Teenagers Haven't! - Filofaxuations
  10. Not so sure - No so Boring
  11. Tempted… - MacPsych
  12. Even more tempted now… - MacPsych
  13. THE PERFECT setup! - My Holy Crap
  14. Filofax Love - This Hobbit's Life
  15. My Filo World Update - My Filo World 
  16. Filofax Caddys or Craft Totes - Filofancy
  17. Rachel’s Filofax Updated: A Format Change - Homemakers Daily
  18. My New Portable Project Tote & A5 Aston Filofax - I'm a Filo Freak
  19. Finally! - The Storage Studio
  20. Weightloss plateau - Cloudberry Musings 
  21. The two-calendar setup! - MellaMania
  22. Confessions of a Planner-holic - This Little Life of Mine
  23. 365/30: Has an "app" running on your computer ever... - Filomaniac
  24. Kate Spade Wellesley Agenda - Friday, I'm in Love
  25. Brief Update! May 2013 - The Life of The Perpetual Student
  26. Stuck on my Filofax Like Dog Hair on Black Pants - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  27. Leserfrage: Wohin mit Notizen?  - Filomaniac
  28. How I (Try) Use My Filofax - Roses in December
  29. making lists, and more lists and yet more lists - Paper Lovestory
  30. Changes to my Filofax setup, doggy Alzheimers - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  31. 365/30: If you had no access to your Filo for 24 hrs - Filomaniac
  32. The wants #2 - She's Eclectic 
  33. The Extras! - Thoughts & Exploration
  34. Filofax Doodle Compact Review and Winners - Imysworld 
  35. Another lovely Mini:The Mini Topaz in green!! :o) - Chrissie's Universe
  36. 365/30: Which dividers do you use in your Filo - Filomaniac
And the latest videos
  1. Filofax Metropol personal lavande - Aude B.
  2. Filofax Update - immabookworm
  3. Teaching Filofax May 2013 - MrAngelJem
  4. Filofax A5 Domino setup - TheManicHousewife
  5. My review of The Original Filofax, personal size in Patent Purple - Plannerisms
  6. A5 metropol Filofax set-up - Erica McKinley
  7. Personal Aqua Saffiano Filofax - pink72125
  8. My pocket apex health filofax - Katerina LeNoir
  9. First ever Filofax! Orange Personal Osterly - willowmuck
  10. Unboxing Aqua Saffiano Personal Filofax - love4creativity
  11. Filofax - stevieyaacoub
  12. Marker Review with Filofax Papers - mypurpleylife
  13. How to Convert DayTimer Inserts to FiloFax Format - Joanne DelBalso
  14. Unboxing of my Compact Holborn Filofax - mypurpleylife
  15. My 2 year old loves Filofax too! - Erica McKinley
  16. My Personal Crimson Malden Set-up - SecretAgentBover
  17. Changes to my Filofax setup, doggy Alzheimers and a random mispronunciation - Tracy Reinhardt


  1. Hi, not sure if anyone is interested but Filofax Italy are selling pocket Amazonas for €15 and pocket Dakotas for €10. Just ordered a purple Amazona for myself.

    Hope that helps someone

    1. Thanks Welshygirl I've ordered a black one!

    2. A PURPLE Amazona? I don't think that exists unless I'm totally missing something here?

  2. Well it's more of a maroon colour to be honest

  3. Well it looks kind of maroon on website but yes probably brown, not bothered either way as they're gorgeous, and a bargain!. Ordered a red one too...

    1. Lol I was going back and forth between the red and the black for hours before I decided on the black!

  4. I know, I told myself the one I don't want can go on EBay but in reality I know I'll end up keeping both! I have no willpower with these things. Going to use it as a wallet instead of my red Chameleon.